Ceramic Braces

Clear Ceramic Braces can be worn with or without colored ties
Ceramic brackets on Wil

Ceramic braces work exactly like metal braces, except that they are invisible from just a few feet away. The brackets are made of a ceramic material is translucent, which means they let light and the natural color of your teeth to show through. From nearby, it looks like your teeth are in “soft focus”, and the only orthodontic appliance visible is the wire connecting the brackets, making them an excellent aesthetic option for both adults and kids.

Ceramic brackets can be worn with clear or colored ties, and you can change your choice among clear or different colors each time you come to our office!

Clear Ceramic Braces

There is no extra charge in our office for ceramic brackets versus metal brackets. They work and cost the same, so the choice is yours!

Dr. Peterson wants you to know that coffee won’t stain ceramic brackets! The only thing that might take any stain are the clear or colored ties, which we replace with brand new ones at every appointment.

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Beth, one of our talented dental assistants,
showing how her Clear Ceramic Braces do not get in the way of her great smile or effortlessly cool style!