Understanding your E-Visit

E-Visits (formerly known as Virtual Visits) are ways to stay on track with your orthodontic treatment via emailing directly with Dr. Ames or Dr. Peterson instead of coming into our office. We only schedule an E-Visit for you after we have reviewed your treatment and determined that a touch-free distance check is appropriate for your stage of treatment.

While you may receive a reminder for your E-Visit (if you have signed up to receive them), please understand that this is just a reminder for you to submit your photos (see below), but is not an actual appointment in our office, with our team, or for any “live” activity. It is simply a placeholder in our schedule that:

  • Reminds you to email us with your photos and any questions or concerns you may have
  • Prompts our system to submit email instructions to you (if you are signed up for them)

Once we receive your email, one of the doctors will review and get back to you within a few days with any recommendations and with your plan for moving forward.

Preparing for your E-Visit

Please take a series of 6 photos from the angles illustrated below. Please email these along with any questions or concerns you currently have to: e-visits or virtualvisit@amesorthodontics.com;

For the “inside mouth” (intraoral) photos, please note the various CLEAN finger and spoon positions to get the best photos! Please be sure that the patient is biting down in their normal bite (teeth closed, lips open) for the last three photos; it’s important for us to see how the bite currently comes

If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 218-236-1322 or 218-847-3372.
Thank you!