One of the realities of orthodontics that wasn’t fully recognized until the last decade or so, is that without some type of retention (holding) device our teeth will try with varying degrees of determination and speed to return to their pre-orthodontic positions. In other words, you need to wear a retainer at least part of the time in future to hold your orthodontic results.

We have an app for that… an appliance, that is. Meet your post-ortho best friend: the Mandibular Bonded Lingual Retainer

Included in every orthodontic treatment are retainers to hold your teeth in their new positions. We typically like to start with a bonded retainer that is like a fine wire glued to the backs of your lower front teeth. We supplement this with removable upper and lower clear polymer retainers, that you will typically wear full-time for the first three months after debanding, and thereafter only at night.

Removable Clear Poly Retainers to wear at night to hold your great orthodontic results!

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Ashtyn, one of our outstanding dental assistants, is also our laboratory whiz- what she doesn’t know about retainers is not worth knowing!