Loose or Poking Wires

The most common orthodontic problems are loose or poking wires.  You can often correct a bothersome wire at home, either by clipping it with a nail or wire clipper or pushing it in place with a pencil eraser or spoon.  Please watch these techniques in the following video.

Even if you are not able to completely correct the problem yourself, you can still get relief from a poking wire by applying wax or a product like Gishy GooTM.  If you no longer have the wax that we sent home with you when you first got your braces, you can find some in the oral care section of most drug stores.  Please watch the video below to learn how to apply wax.

If you are not able to fix the problem with these techniques, please call our office on the next business day, and we will schedule the next available appointment to take further action.

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